About promo "ranked season with the friends"

When  you ordering the ranked season you have a chance to use a special offer: if your 5 of your friends order ranked season by your recommendation as a bonus you will receive a next ranked season for absolutely free! If you will not be able to invite 5 friends you can also get bonus points which you can partially pay for future orders.


Conditions of the promotion:

  • You must order the ranking of the season in the amount of not less than 100$.
  • In the comments for order you have to specify the usernames (or email addresses) of five of your friends who you intend to invite to pass the ranked season with us
  • Every time one of the players that you have specified will make the order not less than 100$ you will be credited with 500 bonus points which you will be able to pay any subsequent order of 50%
  • When amount of players who passed ranked season on your recommendation will be equal to 5, you also will reserve the right to pass next ranked season for free
  • If there will some player which was not specified by you, but will specify you nickname as in the comment for his order ("I was invited by XXX") - he also will be accounted for you

If you still have any questions - write to us