User agreement

  1. The basic concept used for the purposes of this Agreement:

Contractor – "Markov Sergey Aleksandrovich" 

The website (the "Site") is a system of interrelated web pages that provide the possibility of providing services for the development of personal characteristics of Users and their accounts in the computer game "WORLD OF WARSHIPS (hereinafter – Services), data collection for the provision of Services, quotation of Services, User registration, selection a payment method of Services.

Order – application placed via the Site tools for the provision of Services, with indication of the required data for the Services and with specification of the terms of delivery and cost of Services, calculated on the basis of the Customer data.

Customer — a physical person (User) registered on the Website and placed the Order for the provision of Services via the Website and accepting the terms of this Agreement.

Personal account (Profile) of the Customer - account of a Website that stores User information, User history, User charges, etc.

Cost of Services — the amount of reward of the Contractor for provided Services which is calculated on the basis of data provided by the Customer using the tools of the Website.

Visitor — a person who has come to the Site without intention for placing an Order.

The services hereunder are provided by the partners of the LLC "INTERACTIVE" with which the Contractor concluded the Agency contract.

This contract is for the LLC "INTERACTIVE" for the execution of the Agency contract concluded with the partner.


  1. The subject of the contract

2.1. This agreement is a public offer, in accordance with article 435, paragraph 2, article 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, limited liability company "INTERACTIVE" (hereinafter "Contractor") to individuals (the "Customer") enter into a service contract for the development of the personal characteristics of Users and their accounts in the computer game "WORLD OF WARSHIPS" through the Website (hereinafter — the "Agreement") and contains the procedure and conditions of providing of Services and other essential conditions. The services for this agreement are provided by the partners of the Contractor, according with the instructions of the Customer. The customer undertakes to accept and pay for Services provided. Rights and obligations under this Agreement arise between the contractor and the Customer.

2.2. The terms of this Agreement may be modified at any time by the Contractor unilaterally. Changes of the terms of this Agreement will take effect from the date of posting of the changes on the Website.

2.3. This Agreement is an adhesion contract, the conclusion of this Agreement takes place in accordance with article 428 of the civil code of Russian Federation. Acceptance of this Offer shall be any action of the Customer in order to obtain the services of a Contractor: registration on the Website, placing an Order on the Website, payment for Services.

2.4. The applicable law for this Contract is the law of the Russian Federation. Relationship of the parties to this Agreement are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation, the present agreement, the customs of business turnover.


  1. The procedure for the provision of services

3.1. The customer places an Order on the Website using the service available on the website, filling in the fields of data and by registering on the Website.

3.2. After committing by the customer of the actions specified in paragraph 3.1. of this Agreement, the Website offers the Customer the cost and duration of Services.

3.3. The customer, agreeing to the cost and duration of Services accepts the terms of this Agreement.

3.4. After placing the Order and registering on the Website, the Customer can pay for the Services of the Contractor, any of the methods offered on the Website, in the manner and on the terms specified in section 4 of this Agreement.

3.5. After placing Order and payment, the Contractor chooses a partner who will provide services in accordance with the terms of the Customer's Order.

3.6. The delivery time is calculated from 15:00 Moscow time next day after Customer fully paid the cost of services

3.7. After completion of the Order, the Contractor sends notification to the Customer via the contact details provided by Customer during the registration on the Website.

3.8. The result of the provided Services is the achievement of personal characteristics of Customers and their accounts in the computer game "WORLD OF WARSHIPS".

3.9. The contractor is entitled to refuse providing Services if the provision of Services and the achievement of the result specified by the Customer in the Order is impossible due to the nature of the computer game "WORLD OF WARSHIPS", and shall notify the Customer's via the contact information specified in the Customer's profile on Website


  1. The cost of services and settlement procedure

4.1. Cost of services is based on the calculation tools on the Website which is used when Customer is placing the Order.

4.2. The customer pays for the services of the Contractor for 100% prepayment via one of the methods provided by the Website, based on the bill generated by the calculation tools of the Site.

4.3. In case of failure of the Contractor from the provision of Services on the basis specified in paragraph 3.9. of this Agreement, the Contractor within 10 (ten) days refund the Customer paid in advance cash, the way cash was paid by the Customer to the Contractor.



  1. The rights and obligations of the Parties:

5.1. The customer undertakes:

To accept and pay for the services of the Contractor in the manner agreed in this Contract.

Use the Site only in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, for its intended purpose. Customer himself acquainted with all terms of Service.

 The customer undertakes not to disclose to third parties his credentials (username and password) used to log in to personal account. All actions performed from the Customer's Personal account are considered as completed by the Customer or authorized Customer representative.

Customer must change the password from the game account after completing the order within a 24 hour.

 5.2. The customer has the right:

Get the result of the provided services in the appropriate Order, in volume, quality and quantity paid by the Customer, in the manner prescribed in this Agreement.

To obtain information on the procedure, conditions and cost of Services, as well as make a complaint concerning the quality of Services provided, in the manner provided in this Agreement and current legislation of the Russian Federation.



5.3. The contractor shall:

  • Provide Customer Services fully, properly and in time according to the order and the cost of Services paid by the Customer.
  • To maintain the Site in working condition, to provide the Customer with uninterrupted access to the services of the Site, to troubleshoot any problems in the Site functionality in the shortest possible time.
  • By agreeing to the terms hereof and making acceptance of this Offer, the Customer agrees to the processing by the Contractor of personal data in accordance with the Federal law "On personal data" No. 152-Federal Law of 27.07.2006. The contractor shall process personal data of the Customer strictly in accordance with applicable law and for purposes of the performance of its obligations hereunder. The contractor has the right to transfer personal data of the Customer only with written consent, or in cases stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


5.4. The contractor has the right:

  • To block the Personal account of the Customer, in case of committing by him the actions that violate current legislation of the Russian Federation, the rights of third parties, impedes or disrupts the normal operation of the Website and also in case of Customer's breach of any terms of this Agreement.
  • To Refine, change or improve the Website at any time, without notice to the Customer.
  • Not to proceed with the provision of Services until the fulfilment by the Customer of obligations on payment of Services of the Contractor in the manner provided in this Agreement.
  • To withdraw from this Agreement in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


  1. Liability of the parties
  • For failure or improper performance of obligations under the present Contract the Parties bear responsibility according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • The contractor is not responsible for failures in the Website operation, caused through no fault of the Contractor, and for any delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or failure to store any Customer data because of failures in the connection of Customer's Internet, and also in connection with malfunctions on the servers of the Contractor that occurred through no fault of the Contractor
  • The contractor shall not be responsible for the deadlines of Services if the Contractor lacked the technical ability to provide Services caused by third parties or for reasons beyond the control of the Contractor.


  1. Warranties Of The Parties
  • The contractor warrants that all rights for the Site belong to the Contractor.
  • The customer warrants that he owns all rights to their posted data on the Website, including login from the computer game "WORLD OF WARSHIPS" and that it will not violate the rights of third parties and the legislation of the Russian Federation.


  1. Dispute resolution
  • All disputes hereunder shall be settled through negotiations. For the parties it's obligatory a dispute procedure for the settlement.
  • The party receiving the claim is obliged to give an answer to it within 30 (thirty) days of receipt.
  • Claims are sent to the contact details of the Customer specified in the Customer's account, the contact information of the Contractor specified in this Agreement or on the Website.
  • Disputes of the Parties under the Contract shall be referred to the court of General jurisdiction in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  1. Circumstances of insuperable force (force majeure)
  • The party failing to perform or improperly performed its obligations under the Contract, bears responsibility if will not prove that proper fulfillment of obligations was impossible due to force majeure (force majeure), i.e. extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances under the specific conditions of a particular period of time, which none of the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent reasonable way. The presence of force majeure circumstances must be confirmed by the authorized state body.
  • Failure to notify or untimely notification of the Parties of the Agreement about the occurrence of force majeure the Party that refers to them, deprives this Party of the right to refer to them in the future.
  • If the effects caused by these force majeure will last more than 30 (Thirty) calendar days, the Parties will meet to discuss the situation and taking actions to overcome this situation, however, if within an additional Ten (10) calendar days the Parties will not be able to find a way out of the situation, then either party shall have the right to demand cancellation of the Contract unilaterally. The facts stated in the notice, to be confirmed by competent state bodies or organizations at the place of occurrence of such circumstances.


  1. The term of the contract and delivery of services
  • This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.
  • The parties have the right to withdraw from this Agreement unilaterally in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.


  1. Other terms

11.1. The customer is not entitled to use the contents, trademark and other intellectual property rights owned by the Contractor without the written consent of the Contractor.

11.2. The contacts of the Contractor: telephone: +79213219463; e-mail:

INN 781310926146 (Self-Employed)