Buy boost

When a player buys items, awards, statuses, frags, wearing, a pumping of health, or anything else that players gain in the game with their blood and struggle, spending hours and days, this is called to buy a boost.


In most popular online games, there is a system of rewards for quests, wins over opponents, or time spent in time, such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends. Some of these awards can be used to boost a character, with others one can just can boast to friends, and no one will know if a reward is earned in battles or purchased from another player. This system of buying someone else's bonuses is convenient for players who are just starting their way of their character in the game, especially in the team, and are lagging behind other players, more experienced and skillful. Either for those who do not want to spend, for example, 100 game hours or win 100 fights to get a reward.

Another option to buy a boost is to pump your own character to the desired reward or getting a specific weapon by another, more experienced player who enters through your account and "earns" the desired item or improvement or wins the amount of fights ordered by you.