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WoT Ranked Battles 2021-2022 - 3

143 USD
0 days
Order price should be not less than 16 USD

Order parameters:

Make powerleveling order for passing ranked season and earn rank tokens which will allow you to obtain unique tier X vehicle - Chinese 114 SP2 Tier X tank destroyer!  

Dates for ranked season: 7 - 21 March 2022.  



  • At least 3 tier X MT/HT (researchable and/or Collectors’ vehicles).
  • Crew should be 100% trained and have at least 2 additional skills
  • Booster should be able to retrain crew as he wish (if necessary) and set any common modernizations 
  • There should be enough credits on account: with PA - not less than 3 mln., without PA - not less than 6 mln.
  • Customer should not play during the ranked prime, but may play outside the ranked prime.


Apart from ranked tokens you will receive bonds (6150), gold (2000), reserves, directives, unique styles, battle pass progression points and many other prizes. There will be available ranked items for bonds, including brand-new Charlemagne, a Tier VIII Premium British heavy tank. Ranked progression will give discount for it in bonds, up to 60%. 


We guarantee efficiency for our battles not less than 80% and not less than 100% with option "Urgent order" (usually much higher, except for ASIA server - for ASIA efficiency could be lower due to ping). Take into account, that probability of entering golden league depends on your efficiency before order. If you want to guarantee entering golden league do not play yourself (even qualify) and order full passing of ranked with option "Urgent order"


If you have some rank in current division we will reward you bonus point proportional of the chevrons amount.

Order details:

143 USD
0 days
Order price should be not less than 16 USD