Game boost

Game boost is the pumping of the game or, in other words, the pumping of progress. Game boost, unlike the boosting of an account or rating, implies the achievement of not a specific number of points or wins (although sometimes this one too), but promotion to a certain level in the game, obtaining an artifact, title or passage of a quest.


In games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, which are based on the development of the plot, and not on the skill set in endless battles, as in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, most of the achievements need not only experience, but also a lot of time. For example, to open new weapons, one may need to perform daily tasks every day for a month. Other improvements, such as raising the rank of a character or switching to a new league, require not only a lot of time, but also an experience that a beginner may not have.


In this situation, a player can order a game boost service at a professional. For many online games, especially the most visited ones, there are already prepared lists of such game boosting, especially popular among customers. But a player can choose the level of boosting by him/herself. The terms of each transaction are discussed in detail, professional players who will perform the task can tell in advance which items/rating/status/ skills the boosted character will receive, and which can fall randomly as a bonus during the game. Also, the time to achieve the required progress is usually specified quite accurately.

Moreover, at the request of the customer, you can even specify the time of day in which the performer will enter the game from the desired account and perform daily tasks or pump the character. For example, when the customer is at work. And the rest of the time the customer can play his/her character by him/herself, for his/her own pleasure, without being distracted by the quests.