Powerleveling is a kind of a "raising of a level", one of the most frequently used methods of quick boost of an account. In the MMOG this often means that a stronger palyer helps the weaker one to quickly raise his/her level, using the own resources. Powerleveling can be carried out in many ways.


For example, a strong character during a battle can intentionally miss the strikes from the weaker player, soft play with him/her, which allows the boosted character to obtain the maximum number of points. In the case of passing quests, a strong player can share his/her experience with the weaker one and help him/her to pass the quests at the expense of his/her own pumped skills, for example, by killing monsters, admittedly invincible for a weaker character. In fact, powerleveling is a way to boost the account, very quickly and without problems up to the level of the one who helps, or even higher.


The developers of MMOG are trying to fight to this phenomenon, but for now have a low success, because from the point of view of rules, the exchange of experience and the help of one character to another is permissible and even welcomed.


Depending on the purpose with the help of powerleveling, you can go through many quests in the shortest possible time, and, for example, to pump out a 100% separately selected skill. Technically, the creation of several characters by one player in the games where it is possible to assemble a team from such characters and thus strengthen their positions is also a kind of powerliving, then the presence of a more experienced character is not necessary, all the characters can be of the same level and pull up a friend, using the vantage of a number.


Another kind of powerliving is coaching. When an experienced player teaches the beginner with the nuances of the game and helps him/her to cope with emerging difficulties.

But usually, Powerleveling still mean the quick boosting of a weak character by a more powerful one. Players who does professional boosting cannot only boost the character, but also tell the less experienced player which quests will be more profitable to perform and how to simply pump out the required skill to save not only time, but also the character's resources.