How to level up Dota 2 account - how to level up fast dota 2 account?

Hello to you, dear friend!


We are glad to present you our professional boosting services in Dota2!


Why to boost your account?


If you are short in time and want to level up your account in Dota 2, we can help you with this. So this is how Dota 2 MMR works: our top level players will enter your account (relax, no one will notice it and you will not be banned) and get the desired level!


So, how to level up fast Dota 2 account?


First you contact our customer manager and describe what exactly you want to achieve (experience level, or other dota trophies), and the terms of getting this result. Our manager will inform you about the price and terms and this is it.  You provide us with a password to your account and our professional players will show you how to level up dota 2 account!


Save your time and nerves on the game with weak  low experience players and immediately play with those with serious level.


These are the conditions for raising MMR:


 Account must be calibrated

  • Family account must be activated on your account
  • Steam Guardian should be disabled (see how)
  • Do not log in to the account and do not play the rating in the process of boost


Our guarantees:

  • Our top level boosters have a rating of at least 5500. In case of a particularly complex order, the booster with an MMR of at least 6500 is at your service
  • Full anonymity. Booster during his work will never let someone know, that the account is not its own one.
  • The shortest possible time for executing your order. The due date is calculated individually for each order, but our services are the fastest on the market. We will show you how to level up fast in dota 2 account
  • And the last thing, but a very important one – Our prices are the lowest.


The error in achieving the rating is -5/+25 points regardless of the size of your order.


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